While every modern professional services firm and small or medium-sized business has IT needs, many would be best served by an outsourced arrangement to keep your business operations running smoothly and efficiently, with minimum downtime.



Application Outsourcing

We reform your technical investments, ensuring optimal outcomes in accordance with your business necessities. The ingrained benefit of our application outsourcing services, is cost reduction, encompassing operational supplemental advantages of better documentation & reporting, reduced delivery times, real-time processing of issues, and implementation of budget-focused imperatives.

Your organization will gain the affability to retain employees critical to business needs and our outsourcing services will let you have the freedom to modify the framework with changing scenarios, whilst we take all the responsibilities of changing our service levels accordingly!

Infrastructure Outsourcing

We deliver a comprehensive and expansive set of managed infrastructure services, innately inclusive of all IT framework structural & managerial functions, ranging from desktop-based service, web-based support functions, customer support to remote network accessibility and domain management. We guarantee you a secure, profitable, and highly responsive infrastructure, that will be flexible to accommodate all your people & technology requirements, modular and scalable.

Save Time and Money

you pay one flat monthly fee based on your needs and the size of your network.

Complete Customization

From the most basic of help desk-type support to full networking design, implementation and monitoring, Impact covers your entire spectrum of business IT needs.

Multiple Skills for Diverse Projects

When you partner with MM1 Solutions, you’ll benefit from the diverse experience of an entire team of IT consultants who have hands-on expertise with multiple kinds of projects.